A Streetcar Named Desire

Tennessee Williams

A Streetcar Named Desire

Teacher Resource Pack

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This resource pack touches on some of the themes of the play, and aims to offer you a deeper understanding of this production to help with pre and post show lesson planning. There are a few suggested text-based and drama-based tasks included, but feel free to explore other avenues that you feel may be relevant to the story.


Access Performances

Theatre By The Lake, Keswick
Cap = 05/04/18 at 7:30pm 
AD = 07/04/18 at 2:00pm
Touch Tour = 07/04/18 at 12:30pm 

Malvern Theatres

Cap = 12/04/18 at 7:30pm 
AD = 11/04/18 at 2:30pm 
Touch Tour = 11/04/18 at 1:30pm
New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich
Cap = 27/04/18 at 7:45pm 
AD = 26/04/18 at 7:45pm

Cambridge Arts Theatre

Cap = 03/05/18 at 7:45pm 
AD = 05/05/18 at 2:30pm

Oxford Playhouse
Cap = 09/05/18 at 7:30pm 
AD = 12/05/18 at 2:30pm 
Touch Tour = 12/05/18 at 1:00pm 

Cap = Captioned Performance
AD = Audio Described Performance
For further information contact your local theatre or go to www.stagetext.org and www.vocaleyes.co.uk.  

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