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Twelfth Night Interview - David Fielder

8 September 2014

We caught up with actor David Fielder, playing Sir Toby Belch, to get his perspective on rehearsals and what to expect on tour.

What’s it like playing one of Shakespeare’s best loved characters?

I played this character 30 year ago, I loved playing it then but now I’m so much wiser! It’s a gorgeous character – he’s a man of no responsibility and a terrible drinker so I’m enjoying doing  quite a bit of research for this character(!)


How have you found rehearsals?

The whole rehearsal process has been about coming across new ideas. Directors are at their superb best during rehearsals because they constantly give you new perspectives about the play and how to look at your character, it’s a very enjoyable process.


Company Rose Reynolds (Viola)


Why do you think Twelfth Night is such a popular play?

I think because it is a play essentially about love. It’s one of Shakespeare’s finest and funniest plays.  I would like to think people who hadn’t seen Shakespeare before see this as their first play , and  come out saying ‘what about those bits they did in modern language?’ without realising we’re actually talking Shakespeare’s language. For me the greatest thing is making Shakespeare relevant to a new audience.


How do you feel about touring?

Shakespeare has been my ticket around the world. Someone else pays for the plane ticket and I get to have a marvellous time! I’ve been lucky enough to tour to almost every continent and I’ve met people in the most delightful places who love Shakespeare. Touring is always a joy!


Rebecca Johnson (Olivia)


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