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English Touring Theatre are delighted to be hosting The Loumgair Collective: Progression in the Arts-The Class Ceiling on the 2nd October 2017.


“It is more and more likely that people without money will just not be able to follow careers in the arts.” - Hadrian Garrard (The Guardian)


We at LOUMGAIR are trying to create change, but we need your help! We think the barriers that artists from lower-income and working-class backgrounds face when pursuing careers in the arts are getting tougher, so we’re going to figure out what to do about it.

We’re hosting a friendly discussion at English Touring Theatre on Monday 2nd October, and we’d love artists across all disciplines to come along and tell us about your experiences, the difficulties and challenges that you face, and discuss the issues that are stopping you from achieving tangible career progression.

What barriers might be hindering you from progressing your career?

What are the biggest difficulties you face as an artist?

Where do you think the problems lie for disadvantaged artists?

What do you think can be done to facilitate progression for working-class artists?

Come and help us put the world to rights. Artists of all disciplines are welcome, so if you’re working-class or from a lower-income background, feel like you’re at a disadvantage in the industry, or just want to join our cause and help create equal opportunity, come spend some time with a big-hearted, working-class Northerner to start making ferocious change.

Much love,
David Loumgair and The LOUMGAIR Collective x                                                        


Monday 2nd October, 6 - 7:30pm                                       

English Touring Theatre
25 Short Street

To sign up to this event and book your ticket please follow this link.


LOUMGAIR is an artistic collective who create, commission, develop and produce breath-taking new work across multiple art forms with artists from working-class and lower income backgrounds.

We were founded with the aim of creating greater access and opportunity for artists from working-class backgrounds, due to the clear issues with progression which threaten them from forging lasting careers in the arts.

We partner with leading arts organisations and universities to undertake research into what it means to be working-class in the 21st century, alongside the barriers facing working-class artists in our current climate. We then work with these organisations to find innovative ways of combatting the barriers we uncover, implementing responsive support and opportunities through our DUTY OF CARE programme.‚Äč

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