William Wordsworth

A new play by Nicholas Pierpan

William Wordsworth

A new play by Nicholas Pierpan

Directed by Michael Oakley

A Theatre by the Lake & English Touring Theatre co-production

It’s Spring 1812 and in the parlour of Grasmere Rectory amongst the piles of washing, smoking chimneys and children running riot, William Wordsworth writes.

It’s been years since Lyrical Ballads and money is tight. Much to the dismay of his sister Dorothy, Wordsworth is not penning his long awaited next book of verse but a letter to his friend Coleridge, attempting a reconciliation to their fractured relationship.

Coleridge has been busy trampling Wordsworth’s reputation amongst the literary elite down in London, but the Wordsworth family have more pressing problems than protecting William’s reputation. Conditions in the family home are so bad that his wife has fled for the health of their new-born baby and, with no money coming in, the daily dilemma of having freedom to pursue his art while providing for his family is reaching breaking point.

Nicholas Pierpan’s poignant new play looks at the man behind the name and explores how some of the most beautiful and startling poetry in history came to be created.


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