Tonight at 8:30

Noël Coward

Tonight at 8:30

From the pen of the inimitable and ever popular Noël Coward comes this exquisite collection of nine one-act plays performed together, three plays per night, for the first time in the UK since Coward starred in them in 1936.

From vaudeville to satire, from farce to intricate comedy of manners, from melodrama to romance, these plays span the full, glorious range of Coward’s writing. Peep through your fingers at the chaotic Red Peppers music-hall show, witness a bankrupt couple use all Ways and Means to scheme their way out of debt, and break your heart along with Laura in the famous Still Life, the original version of the film Brief Encounter.

Performed in trios of three per evening, this is a unique opportunity to see a stellar ensemble cast perform all of these wonderful plays. Come along once, twice or three times. Or make a day of it and see all nine plays performed on a Saturday with meal intervals in between.

Performances will be shown at each tour venue as follows:

Cocktails (Thursday evenings and Saturdays at 12pm) We Were Dancing, The Astonished Heart, Red Peppers

Dinner (Wednesday evenings, Friday evenings and Saturdays at 3.30pm) Ways and Means, Fumed Oak, Still Life

Dancing (Thursday matinees and Saturdays at 7.30pm) Family Portrait, Hands Across The Sea, Shadow Play



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