Bryony Lavery


Emma Handy


Theatre Includes:

TheBoy Who Fell Into a Book (Soho) Flare Path (Haymarket, West-End) Speechless (Shared Experience) Edward Gant's amazing Feats of Lonliness (Headlong), Crown Matrimonial (ACT),  A Midsummer Night's Dream, Vincent in Brixton (Royal National Theatre and  West End), 50 Revolutions (Trafalgar Studios), The Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night and Bad Weather (Royal Shakespeare Company) The Wood Demon (West End) Csongor es Tunde (Merlin International Theatre, Budapest).


Television includes:

Threesome, Holby, Doctors, Wire in the Blood (Five series), Silent Witness,Beneath the Skin, William and Mary (Series 2), Hear the Silence, The American Embassy, See Me, The Bill, Innocentsm Doctors, Black Cab, Pretending to be Judith.


Film includes:

Fast Girls, Balham vs Clapham, Vincent in Brixton, Vaccums, Iris, Club Le Monde, Velvet Goldmine. 


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