The Sacred Flame


The Sacred Flame

W. Somerset Maugham


Plays include:

A Man of Honour; Lady Frederick; Jack Straw; Mrs Dot; Penelope; The Explorer; The Tenth Man; Landed Gentry; Smith; The Land of Promise; The Unknown; The Circle; Caesar's Wife; East of Suez; Our Betters; Home and Beauty; The Unattainable; Loaves and Fishes; The Constant Wife; The Letter; The Sacred Flame; The Bread-Winner; For Services Rendered and Sheppey.

Novels include:

Liza of Lambeth; The Making of a Saint; The Hero; Mrs Craddock; The Merry-go-round; The Bishop's Apron; The Explorer; The Magician; Of Human Bondage; The Moon and Sixpence; The Painted Veil; Cakes and Ale; The Narrow Corner; Theatre; Christmas Holiday; Up at the Villa; The Hour Before Dawn; The Razor's Edge; Then and Now and Catalina.

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