The Odyssey: Missing, Presumed Dead

Simon Armitage

The Odyssey: Missing, Presumed Dead

Sule Rimi


Theatre credits include: The Rolling Stone (Royal Exchange, Manchester/ West Yorkshire Playhouse); Boarder- game (National Theatre Wales); Downtown Paradise (Welsh Fargo Theatre Company); Othello (Fluellen Theatre Company); Muscle (Shock n Awe); Serious Money (Walking Exploits); New Arrivals (Sherman Theatre Company); Do Mice Think Bats are Angels?, Othello and Victory (Ugly) and Rude: A Ska Musical (Give It a Name).

Television credits include: Unforgotten, DNN, Stella, Crash, Caerdydd, Scrum IV: Operation, Bobble, Casualty, Dr Who, Scrum IV, Fondue, Sex and Dinosaurs, The Story of Tracey Beaker, First Degree, Outside the Rules and The Black Lion.

Film credits include: Black or White, The  Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box,  Silent Night, Bloody Night: The  Homecoming, The Machine, Elfie  Hopkins and The Gammons, Night of The  Living Dead: Ressurection, Panic Button, Little Munchkin, Robinson Crusoe, Webbed, Going Dutch, Visitors Visa, The  Gatekeeper,  Colonial Gods, Be Kind  Rewound, Rock  ‘n’ Roll Killers, The  ‘I’ Inside, Playhouse, Heart, Out of Nowhere, Starter for Ten, Phalure Inc. and Francis.

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