Rules For Living

Sam Holcroft

Rules For Living

Mark Melville

Sound Designer & Composer

Theatre includes: Flight (Vox Motus/Edinburgh International Festival); Charlie Sonata (Royal Lyceum Theatre); The Destroyed Room (Vanishing Point); Human Animals; Violence and Son (nominated for Olivier Award 2016 ‘Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate’); God Bless the Child (Royal Court); Wit; Birth (Royal Exchange, Manchester); Yer Granny; Knives in Hens; Miracle Man; Empty; My Shrinking Life (National Theatre of Scotland); Tomorrow (Vanishing Point/Cena Contempora╠énea Festival, Brasil/Brighton Festival/Tramway); Dragon (Vox Motus/National Theatre of Scotland/Tianjin People’s Art Theatre, China); The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler (Vanishing Point/National Theatre of Scotland); As The Cloud Takes It’s Last Breath (BBC Radio 3); Swallows & Amazons, Grimm Tales (Theatre by the Lake); Saturday Night (Vanishing Point/Teatro Nacional Sao Jao, Porto/Teatro San Luis); Pride & Prejudice (Two Bit Classics); Mister Holgado (Unicorn); A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh); Wonderland (Vanishing Point/Napoli Teatro Festival Italia/Tramway/Edinburgh International Festival); Mwana (Ankur/Tron); The Beggars Opera (Vanishing Point/Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh/Belgrade, Coventry); What Happened Was This, One Night Stand, Naked Neighbour Twitching Blind (Never Did Nothing/Tron/Tramway);  Recommissioned, Super Slow Way commission, Point to Point (Louie Ingham/Mark Melville); Pinocchio; The Crucible, A Tender Thing; The Ockerby’s On Ice; Hamlet, Your Country Needs You (but I don’t need my country); Pierrepoint; The Unsociables; The BFG; Two; Merlin; Quicksand; The Snow Queen; Peter Pan; Children of Killers; Of Mice & Men; Jason & The Argonauts (Dukes Playhouse).

Dance includes: In a Deep Dark Wood (Gobbledegook/Moko Dance); Best Friends (M6/Ludus).

Awards include: Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland for Best Technical Presentation (Dragon); Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland for Best Music & Sound (The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler); UK Theatre Award for Best Show for Children & Young People (Mister Holgado).


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