Great Expectations


Great Expectations

Dickens’ timeless classic re-imagined in an epic stage version which relocates Pip’s extraordinary journey to nineteenth century India. 

Peopled by some of his most colourful and memorable characters, Dickens’ epic novel has been lovingly adapted for the stage by leading playwright Tanika Gupta.  Following a terrifying encounter with an escaped convict, young Pip is given an unexpected chance to better himself by visiting the reclusive and mysterious English lady, Miss Havisham.  In the decaying colonial grandeur of her house, Pip falls in love with Estella and helped by an anonymous benefactor, Pip moves to the bustling city to pursue his dream of winning Estella’s heart and of becoming part of the educated elite.
Painted in rich, vivid colours across a vast landscape of characters and locations, this stunning new version promises a powerful and theatrical telling of Dickens’ universally loved masterpiece.

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