The Misanthrope

Roger McGough after Molière

About the Production

ADAPTED BY   Roger McGough
DIRECTOR   Gemma Bodinetz
DESIGNER   Michael Taylor
COMPOSOR Peter Coyte
CHOREOGRAPHER   Charlotte Broom


 DUBOIS   Neil Caple 
 PHILINTE   Simon Coates
 CLITANDRE   Leander Deeny
 ORONTE   Daniel Goode
 ELIANTE   Alison Pargeter
 ACASTE   George Potts
 CELIMENE   Zara Tempest-Walters
 ALCESTE   Colin Tierney
 ARSINOE   Harvey Virdi

Master wordsmith Roger McGough dips his quill into a Molière classic in this mockery of manners and morals set amid 17th century French aristocracy.  Considered by many to be Molière’s best work, The Misanthrope will again join the creative forces of McGough, director Gemma Bodinetz and English Touring Theatre to complete a tricolour of Molière comedies following the huge successes of Tartuffe and The Hypochondriac.

Poet Alceste is disgusted with French society. Powdered fops gossip in code and be-jewelled coquettes whisper behind fans wherever he looks.  In pursuit of honesty, he embarks on a one-man crusade against forked-tongues, frippery and fakery.  But could the woman he has fallen in love with be the worst culprit of all?  As Alceste dreams of a pas de deux, are the only deux of Célimène her faces?  And in this rarified world will his revolution prove just revolting?

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Latest Reviews


    a wonderful blend of deceptively clever word play and brazenly awful punnery... tremendously enjoyable

    Whats On Stage

    Stuffed with jaunty couplets and cheeky rhymes…Darkly delicious

    The Times

    A whimsical delight… a blast of baroque splendour… glittering

    The Guardian

     Great fun... delightfully witty

    The Sunday Times

    Sparkling tragicomedy

    The Telegraph

     Most elegantly staged... Words are not just played upon but twisted and turned every which way with an infectious relish... As the French would say (well, they do here): an evening’s entertainment to jingle your bells.

    Whats On Stage
  • After the roaring success of Tartuffe and The Hypochondriac, the French connection gets even stronger with their third collaboration - a witty, insightful and impeccably staged new touring version of Moliere’s satire.

    The Stage

    The production delightfully explores nonsensical rhyme, verse and decorum with impressive verve... a highly engaging, comedic and energetic piece of theatre with some great performances.

    The Public Reviews
  • A crack cast of both McGoughière regulars and newcomers who revel in the boisterous badinage, delivering some impressively enjoyable performances along the way... Masterful


    Liverpool Echo

    full of the legendary McGough wit and excellently handled by cast and crew. The Misanthrope is an absolute display of theatre excellence and is laugh out loud funny from start to finish.

    Liverpool Sound and Vision
  • Roger McGough, has done it again – with a brilliant, witty and fun adaptation of Moliere’s The Misanthrope, a comedy of manners.



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The Misanthrope
Roger McGough after Molière

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